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How you can contact Mrs. Wean:

By email at:  swean@conroeisd.net
By school phone: (281) 465 - 3400
My daily conference period is 2:00- 2:55 p.m.
*****If you are trying to contact me about transportation changes please
send a written note in your child's yellow folder or call the school's front office.
The office staff will be sure that I receive your phone message before the                                      
afternoon dismissal. Thank you for your help with this so that we can
avoid confusion during the busy dismissal time at the end of the day.*****
Welcome to Mrs. Wean's webpage. Read on to find out more about our wonderful first grade class...

Mrs. Wean's Schedule

7:45 - 11:50 Classroom Instruction

11:50 - 12:20 Lunch

12:20 - 12:50  Recess

12:50 - 2:00 Classroom Instruction

2:00 - 2:55 Specials

3:00 Dismissal Begins

Specials Schedule

This year our specials schedule will vary from week to week. Please check my Friday newsletter to see the specials schedule for the upcoming week. Try to keep library books in your child's backpack when they are not reading them since our library day will be different each week. On days that your first grader does not wear sneakers, please put a pair of sneakers into the backpack so they can change shoes for P.E. when needed. Thanks for your help!
Homework Information
        Please practice the sight word list with your child. Each first grader will be
tested on the ability to read, write and spell these words at the end of the grading
period. These basic sight words are commonly used in our reading textbooks.
Your first grader should be able to read these words without sounding them out.
Recognizing these words in print improves reading fluency and also enables
early readers to focus more on the meaning of the story rather than naming
each word in the text. We will have a new list to practice for each nine week period.

Sight Word List - 1st Nine Weeks
Week 2: the, of, and, you, that 
Week 3: was, are, with, they, this      
Week 4: have, from, get, what, all      
Week 5: were, when, your, said, dear
Week 6: use, each, which, how, other
Week 7: about, many, then, some, these  
Week 8: them, her, would, has, look     

Sight Word List - 2nd Nine Weeks
Week   9:  to, two, too, more, write
Week 10:  could, people, first, water, been
Week 11:  called, who, down, come, part
Week 12:  one, three, four, five, eight
Week 13:  yellow, black, green, blue, white
Week 14:  high, every, near, between, own
Week 15:  below, school, light, head, under
Week 16:  there, their, they're, saw, don't

Sight Word List - 3rd Nine Weeks
Week 17:  while, next, because, open, also
Week 18:  hard, begin, always, those, both
Week 19:  together, often, night, took, book
Week 20:  hundred, carry, second, once, walk
Week 21:  children, sea, hear, here, without
Week 22:  enough, watch, really, girl, talk
Week 23:  sometimes, ask, went, learn, away
Week 24:  mother, father, sister, brother, family

Homework Packet comes home on Fridays
         Each Friday your child will bring home a homework packet and it will
include practice activities that focus on language arts, math, science and social
studies. Homework offers a time for skill practice and encourages your child
to become a more independent and responsible learner.
        If your child finishes the homework early in the week, just place it in
the back pocket of the yellow folder. Homework is due on Fridays and I will
remind the children to turn it in that day. Students earn a sticker if they bring
back their finished homework on Friday.
First Grade Reading Groups
        At the beginning of the year each child will be individually assessed to
determine his/her literacy skills and reading levels. These results will be used
to form our first grade reading groups. Your child will have a reading group
assignment each night on Mondays through Thursdays. First grade's reading
groups meet from 11:00 - 11:45 a.m. on Mondays through Thursdays.
        Please check the backpack for the daily reading group homework inside
your child's reading group bag. The reading contract is a small booklet that
contains your child's daily homework assignments for reading. Small reading
practice books or other assigned activities are used to reinforce reading skills
at home through daily practice. After your child finishes the homework, please
initial in the small circle for that day on the reading contract. A sticker/stamp is
earned each day that the contract and homework are returned to class. It is
important to return the reading group bag each day since the practice books
are used daily in class.
        First grade's reading groups are flexible. The students' literacy skills will
be reassessed as the year progresses. Changes in our groups are made as
children's levels fluctuate during the school year in order to provide appropriately
paced reading instruction for each child. Thank you for supporting your child's
reading progress at home.


Friday Readers:
        Our Friday Reader time is from 1:00 - 1:30 p.m. on Friday afternoons.
We look forward to having you read some great children's books to us. It will be
more fun if your child helps you choose his/her favorite books to read to the class.
Please check the weekly newsletter or Sign Up Genius for our Friday Reader
schedule. Thanks, parents, for making reading an exciting part of our day!

Star Of The Week:
        The kids are looking forward to being the "Star of the Week" in our class.
Each child will have the opportunity to bask in the limelight as a star student during
a special week in first grade. Your child will get to decorate a poster so that we can
learn more about him/her, interests, hobbies and family. Then the posters are placed
on display in our first grade hallway for everyone to enjoy during that week. It is a
fun way to get to know each other better and the kids cannot wait to be the star! Your
child will bring home a note explaining this activity in more detail when it is his/her turn
to be the Star of the Week in our class.

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